Menu / Price List

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The menu items below are for a minimum of ten  (10) people.  Orders can then be increased by five (5) people.  When  ordering for ten people you may select three choices of either the hot  or cold sandwiches.  Above ten people you may choose additional  sandwiches.  Please place your order by 10:30 am the day before so that  we can best meet your request.  Of course, the more notice, the better  especially when you are making special requests. Full menu descriptions  can be found on our Menu.  Please click the "Menu" tab on the left side  of this screen for a full description of our sandwiches and other  items.  The order form is on the bottom of the page.  Call us at  202-457-1111 to answer any questions you may have, or to have us  complete the form with you.   All our best, Arlene

Cold Sandwiches 100

Bub’s Italian Hoagie, Tuna, Turkey, or Mixed  Cheese, Bulgarian Feta, Jewish Hoagie, add $10 for every 10+ people for  the Jewish Hoagie                         

Hot Sandwiches 130

Pop’s Beef Brisket, The Al Capone, The Philly  Special, Chicken Parmesan, Eggplant Parmesan or Bolognese Parmesan - add  $20 for every 10+ people for the Bolognese Parmesan                         

Pasta Entrees - Veggie Sides

Please See Our Catering Form for Descriptions and Pricing                         

Salad Bowl 70

Beanie’s‎ Greenie's, any of our meats $25 for every 10 people.                         

Potato Salad of the Day 60

Chef's Choice or request vegetarian or non vegetarian.                         

Pasta Salad of the Day 60

 Chef's‎ Choice or request vegetarian or non vegetarian.                         

Seasonal Fruit Tray 70

Market Availability of Fresh Fruit                         

Kettle-cooked potato chips with French onion dip 80

Soup Bowl 70

 Chef's Choice                         

Pickles 30

Choose one Kosher Dill, Giardinera,  – Ask for Pickle of the Day                         

Cookie Tray 30

chef's choice                      

Water Ice 40

Call for flavors, you need to have a freezer available.                         

Ice Cream Sandwiches 50

Oatmeal Walnut Chocolate Chip w/Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, you need to have a freezer available                         


 Cans/Glass Bottles                        

We have a large variety of bottled and caned drinks, please ask for selections.