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1815 M street NW. Washington  DC, 20036 

P# 202-457-1111 

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Thanksgiving - Bub and Pop's will be closed on Thursday, Friday & Saturday, November 28, 29 & 30.  We will reopen Monday,  December 2 at 9:00 am.  We are thankful to get this time to spend with our family.  For those of you that will be traveling we wish you a safe journey.  CATERING - if you want to order catering for Monday, December 2, you will need to have your order to us no later than 1 pm on Wednesday, November 27.   Always call us to confirm your order has been received and to finalize.

Our hand made Sea Salt & Black Pepper Chips are back!!! For now you can find them on the Yellow Sheets posted in the restaurant.  This means they are also available for Catering - you'll find them listed on our Catering Form once again..

October 2019 - Best Sandwich Shop in D.C. says M.S.N.  Read all about it:   https://www.msn.com/en-us/foodanddrink/foodnews/the-best-sandwich-shop-in-every-us-state-and-dc/ss-AAIShm6?ocid=spartandhp&fbclid=IwAR0dXOlxsuD3-TC_kw2_DjVa8iDO8-cL2OuG8NlHNTMQtgxC-1Bltm9-jfE#image=10 

A New Regular Menu and a New Catering Form are ready for you to print.

Go to the top of the page, click on the link, scroll down and you will find the pdf's to print.

Now on our Regular menu ...

Your favorite Fried Chicken Cutlet Hoagie will no longer be on our Yellow Sheet - It's been moved to our Daily Regular Menu full time!

Eggplant Parmesan, probably the most sought after vegetarian sandwich by vegetarians and non-vegetarians is back on the menu.  Yes, we heard the sadness in your voices as you saw it was no longer on the menu and became just a visitor on the Yellow Sheet.  So what did Chef do, he put it back where we all need it to be, on our Daily Regular menu...it is now officially back.  


This means that the Eggplant Parmesan is now also officially available for catering too!

Chef Jon's Chicken Salad Hoagie has always been a favorite over the years, often making an appearance on the Yellow Sheet..  Just like the Tuna Hoagie (the cold one) and the Tuna Melt (the baked one), our Chicken Salad is now available on our Daily Regular Menu as both the cold Chicken Salad Hoagie or the baked Chicken Salad Melt.  The cold Chicken Salad will also be available as one of the selections for Catering and as a topping for our Beanie's Greenies Salad either for Catering or at the restaurant.

VERY EXCITING NEWS! - Chef Jonathan Taub appeared  on the  NEW Food Network Show -  Carnivorous with Courtney Rada.   The Carnivorous crew filmed at Bub and Pop's this past Fall 2018.  The  segment with Chef Jon aired on July 28. This was Chef Jonathan Taub's 3rd appearance on  the Food Network - He has appeared on Diner's Drive-In's & Dives  which aired for the first time in January 2016, he has been on Guy's  Grocery Games and now Carnivorous with Courtney Rada. 

And you all have him right here in Washington, D.C.!!!


BBQ  Competition!!!   - Chef Jon won 1st Place for Comb Ribs & Chicken  at the Southern Maryland Pork in the Park Competition, Sat, May 18, 2019

​​​​New Items for Catering - Checkout our New Catering Form.  Go to the top of this screen and "click" on MENUS AND CATERING FORM.  When you get to that page, scroll to the very bottom and choose to print the Catering Form, Daily Menu or Breakfast Menu

​Of course we Cater - Monday thru Saturday!!!

Happy  Hour is 3:00 pm until closing on Monday thru Friday.  With the purchase  of a sandwich, soup or salad, Beer is $3, Bub's Red and Pop's White
(Burgundy & Chablis are $4 a glass).  



Our Daily Menu - Print a  copy for yourself by going to the top of this screen, click on Daily Menu and Catering form...when you get to that page, scroll to the very bottom  

It will help you plan lunch today
also describes each item on our
Catering Form.

Water Ice Update:  Chef Jon is always doing something new, check  the Yellow Sheet in the restaurant and Facebook.
Adults over 21 get to try them Spiked!

It's all listed on the Yellow Sheet at the restaurant or on our daily Facebook posting. 

​Why you may ask are our sandwiches so amazing, why is everything on our menu outstanding and why are we an international destination?

It's all about the food


the Chef that Creates it All!

About our Chef - Chef  Jonathan Taub is a graduate of The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill  College in Philadelphia. He apprenticed at The Ritz-Carlton Philadelphia  under Chefs Kai Lermen, John Hamme and Mark Arnao.  Chef Taub worked  with Michelin-starred Chefs Jean Marie Lacroix and Alain Ducasse.  Chef  Taub’s staged experiences include Morimoto, and Tru with Tramonto in  Chicago. 

He brings his 20 plus years in fine dining to Bub and Pop’s

Career Opportunities

Sous Chef - Because  we are a small family owned and operated restaurant with a Master Level  Chef, we offer a unique opportunity for you to perfect your art, learn  from our Chef  at our Fine Dining offering, and our Sandwich Shop where  we cook from scratch, plus, if interested, small enough that you can  also learn the business.

We have an immediate opening, please send your resume to eat@bubandpops.com

Line Cooks - tired of doing the same old assembly of food day in and day out?  Do  you truly want to cook?  We have an immediate opening, please send your  resume to eat@bubandpops.com 

Food  at Bub and Pop's is available to eat in, take out and for CATERING  Monday thru Saturday with some great entrees for your Sunday  entertaining that can be finished at home (with Chef's instructions of  course) - check out our printable menu and catering form -

you'll find the link on the left side of this page in the orange rectangle. 

​UberEats delivers our food.  We deliver our Catering!

​​​Fly Eagles Fly - 2018 Super Bowl Champions

The Philadelphia Eagles - ​Yes, we are from Philly!!!!

​Cheese Steaks are now available for Catering

   Roast Pork is back as The Philly Special (the broccoli rabe is sauteed with hot cherry  peppers,  in fact it's on our menu everyday -
print a copy from website!!!

​​​​​​​​Breakfast at Bub and Pop's

Monday thru Friday - 8 am  to 4 pm

Saturday - 11 am to 4 pm

Our Breakfast Sandwich is Available All Day

Our Breakfast Sandwich is available on Saturday

We proudly serve Vigilante Coffee

Immediate openings for Sous Chef & Line Cooks 

FYI - Our Line Cooks Really Cook,

there  is so much more to making our delicious sandwiches, you will work under  the instruction of a Master Level Chef who cooks from scratch.

Send your resume to eat@bubandpops.com

The Best Sandwich Shop in Every State (OK, and D.C.)​
Hey Fans, Check this listing of the best by state.  
Of course we nailed it for DC!

Diner's Drive Ins & Dives
Bub  and Pop's - Between the Bread aired on Diner's Drive-ins & Dives   January 2016 - It can be viewed on Youtube.com   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bo9KEpSctN4
The sandwiches Guy  choose to have Chef Jon prepare for him were The Jewish Hoagie (now  called The Hebrew Hammer for our son and brother Peter W. Taub) and

The Roast Pork (Porchetta) now called The Philly Special in honor of Super Bowl Champions the Philadelphia Eagles.​​

Wonder how the Li'l Petey Food Challenge got its name...
​Chef  Jon created the Li'l Petey when we opened in 2013. He named it for his  brother Peter. Staff Sargent Peter W. Taub, Special Agent U.S. Air  Force 
November 2, 1985 - December 21, 2015

All Fried Foods Are Prepared in the Same Frying Oil (e.g. The Rich Boy),

Please Let Us Know If You Have Food Allergies.

D.C.’s most essential dishes of 2016 - as of 2019 Our Italian Hoagie is still our best seller!!!

 Bub’s Italian Hoagie at Bub and Pop’s. (Deb Lindsey for The Washington Post)

 Bub’s Italian Hoagie at Bub and Pop’s
 Selected by Kyle Bailey, executive chef of Birch & Barley and the Arsenal

 For  Bailey, there is no better sandwich in the District than the Italian  hoagie at Bub and Pop’s. The bread makes the difference, he wrote: It  holds its own in a sandwich stacked with prosciutto, capicola,  pepperoni, salami and provolone. And there are cheffy touches, too:  house-made mayo; a relish made with hot pepper, sweet pepper and onion; a  top-secret vinaigrette; and a hearty but non-traditional shaving of  Pecorino Romano. “The meat-cheese-fixins’ ratio,” Bailey wrote, “is  always on point.”

  1815 M St. NW. www.bubandpops.com. $10 for a half sandwich; $18 for a whole, some sandwiches are priced differently.

More About Catering by Bub and Pop's


In Addition to our Regular Catering Menu (see link on the left for our catering menu)
we've  just added 3 Pasta Entree's plus 2 vegetable sides, freshly sauteed  Broccoli Rabe & freshly sauteed Mushrooms to our Catering Form.  

The Pasta Entrees and Veggie Sides fully described on our Catering Form. 

Our Chicken Parmesan & Bolognese Parmesan work great for your Sunday get together.  We'll  give you instructions on how to finish them at home.  

Try our sides or make your own!

Minimum order on any item is for 10 people
~Beanie's Greenie's Salad or Caesar Salad
Rolls Included
~Desserts:  Cookies,  Ice Cream Sandwiches, Water Ice are also listed on our Regular Catering Menu

~Call us at 202-457-1111 - Ask For Arlene

Welcome to Bub and Pop's

 ~As teenagers in South  Philadelphia, Mae & Irv (Bub and Pop) Wagner fell in love and  married in their early 20s. They both loved delicious home-style food,  especially the delicacies of the 9th Street Italian Market. When Pop  returned from WWII - a decorated hero - they bought a small corner  grocery/deli in West Philly (photo now hangs in the restaurant) and  created their own style Italian Hoagie and Braised Beef Brisket  sandwiches. Almost 60 years later these sandwiches are the inspiration  for our menu as their grandson Jonathan reinvents these classics.